Byzantine Partners
believes in future technology

Building on our 50+ years of combined experience in investment management, trading, deal-making, research and building technology companies, we are focused on supporting and investing in game-changing innovations, disruptive technologies, and promising digital assets.

Providing the investment solutions for future technologies based on proven experience in trading, deal-making, market research and portfolio management.
  • Experienced team from global top-tier investment banks, venture capitals and asset managers
  • Qualitative and quantitative approach to the projects
  • Prominent market research and due diligence capabilities
  • Early access to the promising projects
  • Thorough risk management system
Leading disruptive projects to the success as a long-term partner
  • Non-pubic securities deal advisory
  • Legal service assistance
  • Strategic business model implementation
  • Introduction to smart capital and investors relation
  • Business partnership management
  • Exchange listing strategy
Enhancing branding power of partner projects through active engagement with various communities, media companies and top-influencers
  • Community management
  • Top-influencer marketing
  • Event management such as meet-up and conference
  • Media engagement
  • Branding strategy
Supporting technical development of projects
  • Connection with reputable blockchain developers
  • Smart contract writing and auditing
  • Providing a review of TestNet/MainNet or prototype on Github
  • Development of blockchain application